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Cellini Blue

End product comes out to a perfect Purple color ..Almost like the Amethyst Purple Mica..

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Love the color for CP

I love the purple it turned my soap, although I cant yet figure out how to get it either purple or Mauve and I was wondering is that a PH thing, one bar turned so purple I was ecstatic, then another turned the most beautiful combination of purple and pink when I swirled it, but is there any way to get it either purple or pink? Just curious from BB or other fellow soapers... Just an FYI I love Bramble Berry they pretest everything, so any colorant you buy they show you what it does in CP vs MP. So do your research and you wont be disappointed, they pretest everything including essential oils! Love BB

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Transformative Color

We love to play with colors in our cold process soaps and know that not all colors become what they are raw, but we love being surprised. We used this in a cold process soap and it came out such a pretty swirl of purple/pink and purple/blue! It was a nice surprise!

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A lovely shade of blue....until you put it in cp soap!! Turns an ugly purply, pink color....EVERY TIME. Never again.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Judy! You're right! As noted above, on this product page, the Blue Mica - Cellini Lip Safe Mica will morph to purple or mauve in cold process soap. If you're looking for a bright blue for CP I would recommend the Ultramarine Blue Pigment, medium.

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Not good in cp soap

I used this mica twice, in the first batch I mixed it with yellow to make green, I was able to get a beautiful yellow & green leaf swirl on top of my soap, then about 30 minutes into the curing phase, I noticed the green kept getting lighter, the next morning all the green was gone, the second batch I used it as is, and it turned into a very pretty mauve color, which was actually a nice blend with the other colors, not blaming BB, I am new to cp soaping and learning as I go, next time I will read the pro's & cons before using different products!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Gigi! As the description says, this color will morph into purple or mauve in cold process soap. It's still a nice color, just not the blue you were going for! You can read more about micas in cold process in this Talk It Out Tuesday: Colorants blog post. In melt and pour and other products it creates a beautiful bright blue, as seen in this Matte Finish Nail Polish Tutorial. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!