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This. Scent. Sucks.

This is the worse scent I have had so far. It’s weak, and doesn’t smell like it should at all, I don’t even want to sell it. Straight to the Garbage. A waste of money.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrance oils based on how they smell once diluted in product so you may want to try testing it in something. If you're looking for other blueberry scents you may prefer Blueberry Thyme Fragrance Oil or our straight Blueberry Fragrance Oil.

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A great blueberry smell!

At first when I was opening it, it kinda smelled like medicine. But in my CP soap it smells amazing! It's a very strong smell. I placed my soap in the freezer and my ice tasted like blueberries! It's a very sweet, candy like blueberry smell.

Blueberry Jam

Oh my I love the smell!! I made cold process soap with it and everyone loves it. Smells like Blueberry pie baking. It soaped amazingly well.

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best seller

I love this scent! Works perfect in cold process soap. Sold out quick and my whole family loves it too!

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Must Try!

After looking through reviews I decided to try this!! It smells amazing! Was great to work with in CP, hasn’t discolored at all, and the scent is strong and fantastic! I plan to order more to make a layered red/white/blue soap forth 4th of July, and I really want to try in my candles