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Michelle B

I made a batch of CP soap with this FO. It performed well and the fragrance is holding nicely. I think I like it even better after processing than I did in the bottle. I will likely purchase again.

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A favorite

This is easily one of my all time favorite scents. It's green, calming and reminds me of a spa. It's simply beautiful in all products I've tried it in. Please keep it in stock forever!

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Smells like a very strong carpet cleaner

This FO smells like a very strong chemical carpet cleaner. The smell will not come out of my silicone molds and is bleeding fragrance into my other scents.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jessica! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the zesty floral and pine blend of our Bonsai Fragrance Oil! While silicone molds can take on some lingering fragrance we have found it does not transfer to new batches of soap. To help reduce the scent you can try spraying with alcohol and letting it sit or very stubborn scents a baking soda paste can help! Find out more information in our How to Care for Silicone and Wood Molds blog post. If you're looking for other fresh-themed scents you may prefer Fresh Bamboo Fragrance Oil, Clover and Aloe Fragrance Oil, or Wasabi Fragrance Oil.

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Pretty Awesome

this F/O will be in the best sellers section soon. No riding and easy to work with....lots of time. The smell reminds me of the original Irish Spring

Maria & Bessi
Behavior in CP Soap

This FO behaved really well in CP soap and the smell is amazing! This did not rice, and/or discolor but it did accelerate when CP batter was left sitting and was not being stirred (weird). I was able to do a hanger swirl even with the slight acceleration. The smell of this FO is very clean and has an oceany undertone to it! My dad loves this smell and when we are doing craft shows he has every costumer smell the soap we made with this FO!