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Great Recipe

I am adding an edit now that soap has cured. The soap is a softer soap and I made layers a tad darker. The soap lathers lovely and I love the way it feels but it is bleed8ng my bottom color since I did it a tad darker in blue. The technique is great but I tried thei other beer recipe and it seems to be a harder bar. The wasabi grapefruit smell did mature great however, it is too strong for my husband so I would cut scent back but everyone is different. This was my first beer soap and it went very well. The batter with the scents did not accelerate trace nor did the beer. It has only been a few days but I tried some of the overflow and the lather is already creamy! However, if anyone used the wasabi and grapefruit com o with beer, does the smell get better with age? Right now the smell combo is quite interesting and hoping it mellow out.