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Perfect sample set

I always like to buy sample sets when I can and I absolutely love this one. The colors are great! I made a shave soap and added clay to it and it shaves like a dream. Those of you who are wondering if it does provide that slip, yes it does!

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Great Colorants for CP Soap

I enjoy these clays in soap! The red and yellow in particular are really lovely matte colors (though they're all really nice), and I believe they contributed the clay "slip" I hear about and I do approve. I've ordered more already. I added the clays at emulsification mixed in oils (I read later that mixing them in water is wise so I'll try that. I didn't have any problems, though)

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love this clay

i bought this sampler to experiment with. I have used different combinations to achieve colors. They are muted, which is fine with me. The clay adds a light exfoliation element to the soaps. Very happy. Will buy again.

Nothing Better

Purchased the samples to test colouring CP soaps. The colour stayed true. No bleeding or staining. Test bars are still not faded after 2 years.

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Great little sampler!

I prefer natural colorants in my CP soaps, but CP makes natural colorants a bit...unpredictable. So I picked up this sampler to see how true these stay. While the colors muted (which I prefer, anyway), they stay true through the CP. Each packet is enough to color a small batch and was just perfect for my batches. The colors turned out lovely, and I was even able to mix the yellow and pink to get a pretty orange shade. If you're new to using clays, this a great way to try them out.