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Michelle B
Pretty, but...

You really have to be careful how much you use. I used the amount "recommended" and my soap is unusable due to how much it bleeds and stains. No points off, it's just something to be careful about.

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Very deep red

The name definitely fits the color. It reminds me of red brick houses. With most pigments you have to be careful with how much you use. It's a lot different then working with a mica. I premix it as per the instructions & add a little at a time to my soap batter until I get the desired color. If you add too much it will stain washcloths & towels. I mix this a small amount of this with the Pearlescent White Mica to make a lip gloss for my 4 y/o granddaughter. It makes her feel like a grown up getting to wear a red lip gloss.

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Great color!

Definitely will order again. I noticed a difference in amount vs. Other colorants ordered. i hope its due to color being such a strong color that Too much is not needed. This is my first colorants.

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A decent option for a darker brick oxide

This one isn't one I would probably choose without a specific project in mind; however, I can definitely see the potential in multiple uses.

Great Red Color for CP!'s all in how you use it. I have used this many times now and learned how NOT to use too much. Read BB's instructions and cautions. It reminds us to cut back on the amount. They say to pre-mix a teaspoon into a tablespoon of oil. Then add a bit at a time to your soap until you like the result. I learned to follow that advice myself and have no problems. It is a good thing that a little goes a long way. That means more color....less money spent! I am buying the 16oz size while it is on sale. I don't want to run out.