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Great if you don't need to shake them

I bought these bottles to hold a hair oil spray I'm making for individualized Christmas gifts. The spritz top works great, it's a nice fine mist. And the bottles themselves are very nice, they're a great size to hold, and they look very good. But the connection between the cap and bottle isn't that great. It screws on fine, but my product leaks out. I had made the oil mixture first, then filled the bottles and put the tops on (I didn't have time to add the fragrance at the time). When adding fragrance, I opened them back up, added different fragrances, then sealed them up and shook them to combine everything, and make sure the scents were all strong enough. After a few minutes, I realized that the contents had leaked out and down the bottles. The only ones this didn't happen with were the ones I left unscented, as I didn't shake them. They would probably be great if there were some kind of rubber seal, but these don't have them. But all in all, they are fine, as long as you don't shake them.

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I absolutely love this bottle. The sprayer atomizes liquid so nicely-- it makes THE perfect mist, very even distribution. I bought ten for packaging my skin toners that I make and sell, it adds such a professional touch to the products (especially with my graphic design experience). It really pulls the product presence together. I also use one for rubbing alcohol because it's the perfect mist that's great for sanitizing my containers and equipment with. I will definitely be ordering more of these!

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Perfect for my needs

I love this 4 oz aluminum spray bottle. I make an anti-itch remedy and have had a hard time finding just the right spray bottle for my needs. The bottle itself weighs about as much as a feather and the sprayer itself puts out just the perfect mist. I only ordered one to test and I will be placing a larger order soon.