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Susan and Larry
Great quick melting product

And my husband showed me the EASY way to get it out of the box and cut it. To take it out of the box, place the box on your work space. Cut open the top, then use a box knife to slit the sides on all four side. Had it out of the box in 15 seconds. As for cutting the soap into 40 ounce blocks, all we did was use an old 14 inch cheese knife he had. One slice to make a chunk, and then sliced to amount needed. My husband, the chef, then diced the soap prior to melting it. WORKS GREAT

Cutting My 25 lb Block Tips!

Hi there everyone! My tip for cutting these 25 lb blocks is simple. I USED MY HUSBANDS CHAINSAW!! :) Auh ha ha...Just kidding! I am using my 14 inch Double handle knife that I have purchased to have better control over my soap blocks when cutting large strips for decorating embeds and for these big blocks, it is the best thing I can think of to use and be safe. Thank you Bramble Berry for making it a lot easier on me getting all the supplies I need. You have over the top 5 star customer service. Keep up the great work girls. Josie