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Nerdtastic Craftations
Worked out perfect

I wanted to make a Ghostbusters themed soap & decided on marshmallow being the perfect scent for it, I was sad to find you don't carry a marshmallow fragrance so I decided to take a shot at making my own. I blended this with a small amount of vanilla & the results were better than I had imagined. Everyone absolutely loves these soaps & I sell out as soon as I make more.

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Not a fan

I just did not like this smell at all and I made a big batch of soap to get rid of it and I didn't have one person who liked the smell either

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for another sugary scent you may prefer Warm Vanilla Sugar Cybilla Fragrance Oil or Cinnamon Sugar Fragrance Oil.

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Nice once cured

I did not like this one OOB. It was cloying and nauseated me a bit. But I'm frequently like that with scents OOB. After I CP soaped with it I still wasn't liking this one. However, now that the soap is fully cured I can honestly say it's very nice! I think it just needed time to mellow and and tone down some of the more artificial notes in it.

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Very very nice

I just used this in soap and I love it. To me, this scent, though sweet, really doesn't scream "foodie/gourmand smell," which is what I was somewhat expecting based on the name. I paired it with a citrus essential oil in my soap and the result was certainly nice, but did not quite channel the sweet dessert type scent I was going for. (Perhaps a sweeter fruity fragrance, like some have mentioned blending with it below, would have worked better; I used lemon). There are some light woodsy/spicy aspects of this that make me really curious about considering how best to combine it with other scents. All of this is just to say that this is a complex, wonderful, versatile fragrance; I like it so much I believe I will order some perfume making supplies from Brambleberry to play with next. The start of a future new crafting obsession, perhaps?


I wasn't sure what I thought of this in the bottle at first. I liked the scent but wasn't in love with it. I did a half and half soap with the Fruity Fusion fragrance oil, and WOW. I love this scent so much after cold process. On its own, it's amazing. It also provides a great balance with the fruity fusion!