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Nice once cured

I did not like this one OOB. It was cloying and nauseated me a bit. But I'm frequently like that with scents OOB. After I CP soaped with it I still wasn't liking this one. However, now that the soap is fully cured I can honestly say it's very nice! I think it just needed time to mellow and and tone down some of the more artificial notes in it.

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Very very nice

I just used this in soap and I love it. To me, this scent, though sweet, really doesn't scream "foodie/gourmand smell," which is what I was somewhat expecting based on the name. I paired it with a citrus essential oil in my soap and the result was certainly nice, but did not quite channel the sweet dessert type scent I was going for. (Perhaps a sweeter fruity fragrance, like some have mentioned blending with it below, would have worked better; I used lemon). There are some light woodsy/spicy aspects of this that make me really curious about considering how best to combine it with other scents. All of this is just to say that this is a complex, wonderful, versatile fragrance; I like it so much I believe I will order some perfume making supplies from Brambleberry to play with next. The start of a future new crafting obsession, perhaps?


I wasn't sure what I thought of this in the bottle at first. I liked the scent but wasn't in love with it. I did a half and half soap with the Fruity Fusion fragrance oil, and WOW. I love this scent so much after cold process. On its own, it's amazing. It also provides a great balance with the fruity fusion!

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Worked Great with MP

I'll try it in CP next week, but for now, I can highly recommend this FO for MP. I used it in a coffee scented MP recipe

Very Sweet

I got this FO as a sample, and I LOVE it, it's very sweet and deep. I've made it as a perfume and lotion, and everyone loves the way it smells when I wear it.