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Worked Great with MP

I'll try it in CP next week, but for now, I can highly recommend this FO for MP. I used it in a coffee scented MP recipe

Very Sweet

I got this FO as a sample, and I LOVE it, it's very sweet and deep. I've made it as a perfume and lotion, and everyone loves the way it smells when I wear it.

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Great for Blending

Got this as a sample a while back and just had to buy more! By itself it smells okay but it really shines when you mix it with other scents, like coffee or even orange! With orange it smells almost like a truffle, very delightful! It darkens the soap to a light brown but doesnt accelerate trace at all for me.

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Great mixer

I love this alone in cp soap, but it's my number one go to when I need a mixer for a lighter scent. I've mixed it with everything from espresso to watermelon, and it doesn't overpower, it enhances the other fo's and gives a sweet kick to it. Amazing as usual from Brambleberry!

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Sexy & Sophisticated

Why do you do this to me Bramble Berry?!!! Just when I thought I wasn't going to add any more smells to my soap line, I received a sample of this fragrance with my last order. My first impression when I smelled it in the bottle was not love-at-first-smell. So I added a little bit to a load of laundry (I use unscented laundry detergent). I was sooooo surprised at the results! Let's just say that I loved the way my clothes smelled... not to mention my whole house smelled amazing! Don't let the name of the fragrance fool you. I found it intoxicating, sexy and refreshing. I will be ordering more of this fragrance to make a batch of soap, or two, or more.