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This has been my absolute favorite fragrance yet. It smells so delicious and it turned out absolutely perfect in my cold process goats milk soap. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more since it is now discontinued. I would have bought EVERY LAST BOTTLE!

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Sad to see this go

I do hope they change their mind on discontinuing this one. It smells JUST like andes mints. So good! I love it and my kids love it. I prefer this over chocolate scents.

Good and best

good product

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This fragrance is amazing OOB! Although I have not soaped with it yet, I really am excited to! I will update this review on it once I do soap with it. It really is a shame that it will be discontinued, I already know this one will sell out in a matter of minutes!!

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Delicious Mint Fragrance

This fragrance smells even better in cold process soap than it does OOB, and it is awesome OOB. I did not know exactly what to expect, but this fragrance just hit the spot. It smells like Andes candies. Chocolate Mint is one of my favorite flavors/fragrances. I purchased a chocolate mint FO from another supplier, and it was a little disappointing with very little chocolate discernable and the mint a bit watered down. BBs Butter Mints FO is strong and vibrant and positively delicious; it far exceeded my expectations. I am so sad this fo is being discontinued.