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I bought this as the "rainbow" color suggestion and it's absolutely stunning. Bold, beautiful, even color. Let it go through a nice gel phase and you'll have the best possible color. It does more for to a weird orange-ish brown color at first, don't panic! After a gel... you'll have a beautiful yellow.

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Pretty Shimmery Yellow

I used this mica in a white M&P soap base and it turned out beautiful. I have used micas before and the shimmer didn't always show very well. This buttercup yellow was perfect for the spring flower guest soaps I made. It didn't take much at all and the shimmer showed up in the set soaps beautifully.

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This can really shock you if your not prepared. It does turn a bright orange color at first. I would say for me the color started to return to yellow after about 24 hours, but took around a week to completly change back. My only complaint is that it is hard to know if you have added enough to get the right shade of yellow that you want when it's not yellow. lol.

Color morph and more!

While I was prepared for the initial orange color morph, I was not prepared for it to turn yellow, followed by dark brown. This was in cold process soap, and the other colors did not morph at all, and stayed true to expectation. I had to rebatch the entire 5 pounds, as the brown color not only spoiled the design, it looked like something was wrong with the soap. Avoid this for cold processed soaps!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you had that experience with this mica. We love the Buttercup Mica in cold process soap, though it does initially discolor to a dark orange. The bright yellow color pictured should return in 24 hours. If the soap discolored a dark brown, it may be caused by the fragrance. If a scent has a vanilla content it can discolor to a dark brown. Find out more in our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown?" blog post. It can also be caused by additives like milk. Customer service has contacted you to troubleshoot.

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Definitely a Buttery Yellow in CP

I've used this several times. There is an initial color change to a bright orange, and within 24 hours, returns closer to it's final color. As a stand alone, it is the color of a yellowy, creamy butter. It seems brighter when paired next to white. It seems to get lighter in color for a few days as the saponification process completes. I was just hoping for a slightly brighter yellow color.