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Truly Beautiful Yellow

Gorgeous mica. I purchased this with a particular color scheme in mind, and it did not disappoint. This looks lovely alongside the aqua and rose pearl micas. Thanks for the headsup on the temporary color change; I was prepared for it. It did just what the description said it would do. This is a beautiful pale yellow in cp soap.

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I used this in cold process soap. It first turns it very orange but after a few hours it is a beautiful, perfect yellow! I love it!!

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Looks pretty in CP!

Although it does turn a stunning shade of orange when first incorporated, it went back to being a bright, cheerful yellow within a few hours of CPOP! Reminds me of lemons & at 1 generous tsp/PPO the color is very vibrant & true! I also blended this mica with BB's "Kelly Green" mica at a ratio of 1/4tsp yellow to 1/2tsp green to produce a lovely shade of lime green! This mixture looked olive green when first incorporated in my soap, but as before, within an hour or so of CPOP, it turned an incredible shade of lime green & exactly what I was going for! I am VERY happy with this versatile & beautiful mica! Will absolutely purchase again!

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Looks beautiful

Made a gorgeous soft yellow after starting orange, just like BB warned. I didn’t use much, only about 1/4 teaspoon per pound, so I hope it doesn’t fade. I love the soft lemony color. Sprinkled a little on top before curing and swirled it in. Looks pretty.

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of all my yellow collorants this one is by far the best! it works amazing in CP and MP soaps, and is so bright and cheery. i abosolutley love it!