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Outstanding is what this is. Even if you hate florals your customers will lose their minds over this one. I used it to make M&P, Lotion, and Whipped Body Butter. Sold Out. Bonus Points for being a beautiful scent. Really. Beautiful.

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Just what I was looking for

Purchased this "sight un-smelled". WOW! Customers love it! I'll be back soon for a larger bottle. The only "cactus" scent I found in all my suppliers. Glad you have it.

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Bobbie Dusek
Unique scent

I wasn’t sure about this scent in the bottle, it wasn’t bad just not sure if it was my cup of tea. I made CP soap with it and it processed beautifully with no issues. As it has been curing for 3 weeks I’ve come to really like it, everyone who has smelled it loves it.

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New favorite

I love this, got it a few weeks ago and just made CP soap and Shea Butter Body Cream with it. It smells amazing, my 16 year old son even asked what smelled so good! In his words, "that smells really clean".

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Beautiful Fragrance

Love this fragrance and it smells gorgeous in cp soap. Didn't accelerate or cause any problems, and everyone who has smelled it can hardly wait until they're ready to use. Another hit BB!