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I have been using the same lip balm recipe for about 5 years, and it always turns out great! I don't like beeswax in lip balm, so I had been using the "double refined" candelilla wax from a different supplier, but bought this one from BB when it was on sale. I thought the smaller grains would be nice, and much easier to melt than the pellets. I recently made my usual large batch of lip balm base, that I later split up into different flavors. ALL of the lip balm is grainy, it's like a lot of the grains of wax separated back out. I have tried remelting it, but no matter what I do, it stays grainy, so I can't sell it. This was a super costly problem for me.

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Awesome product

This is a great product to use for lip balms as a vegan alternative.

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Best Price on the Market

Great price on this unique wax.

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I ordered some candelilla wax to make body bars for my son and his girlfriend who have chosen to go vegan. All I can say is WOW!!! While I love the beeswax body bars, this has a wonderfully soft "slip". The same firmness of the beeswax bars but you get more moisturizing with the candellila. I am sold!. Thanks folks!

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Great Vegan Wax

I got this wax as a vegan alternative to beeswax or a soy option. It is a lot harder than the beeswax and can be a bit more fragile, but it also has good slip to it. However, it does not lock in the moisture or have the same staying power as beeswax.