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Leak free

These are so much better than the ones u carried before they do not leak

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More like a question

Can you use your cd 20 wicks and ecosoya advanced soy wax with these metal tins or is there something better to use?

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candle tins

These are adorable and I was so excited about getting them. I love ordering from you guys, but when these came in, over half of the tins and lids were marked up and scarred. I was using them for an order I had from another retailer and most of them will be good for only gifts. The same thing has happened with push tubes that arrived cracked. If I may make a suggestion, putting all of the packing supplies in a paper bag unprotected does not seem to be a good plan. If I put a note in my shipping area when I reorder, is there a way these can be packed more carefully? If not I will need to find a new supplier for these.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
I am so sorry your candle tins and push tubes arrived damaged Jesse! We are going to contact you to get this fixed. Also, thank you so much for your packing suggestion. Your feedback is really helpful for us.

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Great Tins

I love these new tins! No leaks! The ones in the Handmade Beauty Box were not and some leaked. I get double duty out the wicks by putting a wick tab on the portion of wick I cut off. A hint to cut the wicks is to put a piece of straw cut to a quarter inch over the set up candle and cut.

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Smaller wicks for this container

Hi. I have ordered these containers before and am ordering more. I was just wondering why you do not carry two inch wicks for them. My fear of getting the six inch wicks that you carry, would be me cutting the wick too small after the candle sets. When I have people over for dinner, I always give them a candle as they are leaving. My friends just love the candles in the tins. Thank you.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Maria!  I'm so glad you love our Candle Tins and your friends love the candles you put in these!  Thank you for your suggestion of carrying two inch wicks.  We will definitely keep that in mind! I will email you personally to discuss this further.