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Just ok

I dont hate this but it is hard to mix in and does not give strong water color. When will you get lake bath bomb colors BB? Honestly micas are better and can be used in a wider range of products.

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I used this in sugar scrub, and it looks AMAZING bright and deep orange, also used it in my glycerin soap and it's also AMAZING! bath bomb colorants are my favorite because they don't stain and they are very versatile! LOVE THIS ORANGE! as you can tell I love orange lol highly recommend for those looking for a TRUE orange and not a yellow orange or a red orange.

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I made my 2nd batch ever of bath bombs with Mango fragrance and Cantaloupe color and they turned out beautiful! I'd like to make some brighter colored bath bombs, I'm wondering if Micas would be okay or how I might get brighter colors?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Bridget! I'm so glad your bath bombs turned out beautiful using our Cantaloupe La Bomb! You can definitely use our micas to color your bath bombs. Check out our Mondo Bath Bombs tutorial where we used Red Mica to color our bombs! Though achieving a very bright color is tricky as the base for bath bombs is predominantly white. This white mixes with any color you're using which causes the color to lighten. I will email you personally to find out what color you're trying to achieve!