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Gray Tinge in Final Products

Received as a free sample and used in a bath salt recipe hoping to give it a warm brown tinge. It adds a great amount of sparkle, but unfortunately it turned my bath salts gray! Kind of disappointed, unsure if I will try to use in other recipes.

Lovely Brown Mica

I received this as a sample. I would not have considered purchasing it, but when it was offered I thought why not. Now that I have used it; I would definitely purchase this. I used it alongside activated charcoal and snowflake sparkle mica. It produced a very classy color scheme. It was scented with the now discontinued Mayan Gold, and I think the fo discoloration gave the brown a somewhat burgundyish undertone. I appreciate your samples because they give me an opportunity to try something that I would not otherwise try. Thank you BB.

Verified Purchase
Khaki colored soap

This color was beatiful in the soap batter, but it turned a dark khaki color when it went thru gel. I am hoping it will come back around after the soap cures.

Mrs. Amber
Stunning in CP!!

Do not be turned away by the CP pics for this mica... They do it no justice! This mica is regal and positively stunning in CP at 1tsp/PPO! Received this as a sample with an order, as I wanted to compare it to a brown I already have on hand from a different supplier, and let's just say I'll be back for more of THIS one when the other runs out!!! This is a true, rich shade of sexy, deep, brown (yes! This shade is sexy!) with gorgeous golden undertones! A must-have color for foodie themes, fall themes (pair this with accents of BB's "Apple Moss Green" mica & watch Autumn come to life in your soaps!), and SO MUCH MORE!!! Brown is such a staple color for me in my soapmaking because even an accentuating swirl of it adds a pop of rich character, and it's a color that pairs well with pretty much any other color! BB's "Cappuccino Mica" IS that new staple for me! Thank you BB for the samples that open my eyes to AWESOME products! Have already used this sample in a 2lb batch and a 5lb one, and there is STILL enough for at least another 2lb loaf, so a little goes a long way too!

Verified Purchase

Nothing at all like the original. I only wholesale and my customers will notice an immediate difference. Would gladly pay more for the original color.