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Angela Price
Great for face soap

Wish it was carrot oil or not in coconut oil..but it's still wonderful in soaps..

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Queen Anne's Lace?

Hi, I also am wondering the answer to the question about this being from Queen Anne's Lace? I bought this product also under the assumption it was from carrots.

Is this from Queen Anne's lace or the edible carrot?

I bought carrot extract from another vendor thinking it was from the carrot plant. I made a face serum in combination with oils I have no problem with. The moment I put it on my face, it triggered a nasty hay fever episode that required prescription strength anti-histamines for several days. The vendor told me it was from the Queen Anne's Lace plant. I suffer from seasonal allergies and have issues with weeds and pollen. Is your extract derived from Queen Anne's lace or is it from the edible carrot? I thought I would check before I bought any.

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Can I use it in soap?

And if can which method it's better? Tks😊

Too bad it is with coconut oil

Since Coconut oil has a very high Comedogenic Rating, it would have been better to mix the carrot extract with another oil, more suited for the face.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Virginie! Coconut Oil can be slightly comodogenic. Though, we haven't found this to be a problem in any usage rates we've used. Generally speaking, you would not use our Carrot Extract at 5% or less of your skincare recipe which amounts to very little. Even less in a wash-off product versus leave-on. Carrot Extract is also awesome for hair products as seen in our Sizzling Summer Hair: Argan Oil Shampoo blog post.