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Can I use it in soap?

And if can which method it's better? Tks😊

Too bad it is with coconut oil

Since Coconut oil has a very high Comedogenic Rating, it would have been better to mix the carrot extract with another oil, more suited for the face.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Virginie! Coconut Oil can be slightly comodogenic. Though, we haven't found this to be a problem in any usage rates we've used. Generally speaking, you would not use our Carrot Extract at 5% or less of your skincare recipe which amounts to very little. Even less in a wash-off product versus leave-on. Carrot Extract is also awesome for hair products as seen in our Sizzling Summer Hair: Argan Oil Shampoo blog post.

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Best facial scrub I've ever used

I made a facial scrub with this in it and my face has never felt so good! My face isn't dried out like a lot of the acne face washes can make it, but isn't greasy like the moisturizing ones. Worked so well for soft and smooth.

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Loved it

I used the carrot extract in place of some of the water in a hair conditioner recipe. It turned out amazing. The carrot extract resulted in noticeably stronger and shiny hair than the recipe usually accomplishes.