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Smells like dirt

I wanted to love this! I blended it in a very small amount with bergamot and lavender oils only for it to smell dirty. I was disappointed! Instead of a pleasant earthy smell, it dominated the other scents and just smelled murky. Won't be reordering, and might be regifting my bottle.

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Michelle B
Woah, the smell...

I cannot get over this smell. I tried making mud masks with it but even adding only a little bit I found it intolerable. Everyone is different obviously, I'm just telling you I'm in the category of can't stand it! [Which totally does not reflect the quality of the product BB provided, but it still influences my decision whether to purchase it again...]

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Michelle! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite! We love the Carrot Seed Essential OIl though it definitely has an acquired, earthy smell. To help lighten that scent up you may prefer it blended with something sweet like a citrus EO or even the floral smelling Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil.

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Interesting smell

This is a really earthy EO and while I don't hate it, I really have to be in the mood for it. Upon arrival the whole inside of the box smelled like this because it had leaked out. Just picking it up the oil got everywhere and left a lasting scent! The bottle was filled up to the top and so I think that is why it leaked out. There is plenty left but I was disappointed that it got everywhere!

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The smell!!

I have a really hard time accepting this smell , but the lotions I've made with it have sold out. Either you love it or you hate it! I have not had the pleasure of smelling carrot EOs from other companies, but I can definitely confirm Brambleberry's is potent, and I've had repeat buyers with it. I am going to try mixing it with a sweeter EO in my next batch just to make myself happy

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Amazing Carrot soap bars!

I used the carrot seed oil, a small amount of Fresh Zucchini Flower fragrance, the orange colorant. They came out amazing, I love the mixture of the scent its so earthy and makes me think of getting out into the garden in the spring. Very nurishing for older skin like mine! The color came out great it is such a simplistic bar I plan to decorate with a band of burlap fabric and twine with homemade tag. My friends will love this! Thanks Brambleberry love this one!