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Excellent oil

I use this oil in a hand cream I make. The price is affordable, the pkging is good and I like the fact that the characteristics of the oil is listed on the bottle. Again you've got a permanent customer with me!

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Excellent Oil For Added Lather In CP

I've looked around, and can't find a more resonable price on Castor Oil. I add it to every CP recipe I have because I love the added lather & conditioning it gives my soap without making it drying and harsh. This is a must have!

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Castor Oil

I love how well it makes bubbles in my cold and hot process soaps. I enjoy the size of the product which I get the gallon jug. It is of great quality and priced accordingly.

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Fantastic in lip products!

I love using this for my lip products. It helps the lips feel full, the balm go on smoothly, and it gives an extra shine to brighten your day! This is high quality, awesome, and I will definitely be buying more here again!

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great price!

I use Castor in all my soap recipes! This is a really good bargain and its good castor oil! Thanks!!