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My cats are obsessed

This stuff is the real deal! My cats went so nuts for it. They even climbed up to the top of my shelves and stole the pipette that I had used with it!! I will definitely order more. It’s perfect for freshening up old toys, I wonder if diffusing it would help them feel relaxed?

My Cat’s New Love

So, we all know that this fragrance oil fights off bugs and such but I remembered as a child my cats always loved Catnip Tea. Hmmm.. I wonder if this fragrance mixed with H2O if placed on Question’s (that’s our cat’s name) scratch/ claw board would he use it? I had to call Bramble Berry and as I was talking with the representative, Question was enjoying his scratch/claw board! He’s never touched it! He now defends this board, flips it up in the air (it’s pretty heavy too) and sleeps by it! While I haven’t tried Catnip in soap it sure makes our cat Question happy and that makes us happy! Pictures and video proof are available upon (laugh out loud).-Deborah