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Very strong at first but mellowed beautifully

When I first soaped with this, it seemed overwhelmingly strong to me. It came across floral to my nose, more feminine than masculine. But the longer it cured, the more it mellowed and softened and I ended up liking it a lot. Then I decided to try and blend it with the Apple Sage FO..3 oz of Cedar and Saffron to 1 oz of Apple Sage, and Oh My Goodness!!! At first the apple scent really popped, then the floral came through. Now, even 2 months later, the scent is still going strong (and gorgeous!) Definitely the fav among my friends, and one I can't keep from smelling every time I walk into my office (which is where I store my soaps) Also, I didn't have a problem soaping with this fragrance. No acceleration or ricing for me and I soap at between 110-120 degrees. I also used Vanilla Stabilizer because I did a 5 color modified taiwan swirl (with white, pink, red, blue, and black) and it still hasn't changed color after two months!

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I bought this based on all the 5 stars and while it smells nice, it didn't get past whisking it in before I had mashed potatoes. So a different plan was implemented but the batter looked lumpy; not quite ricing but lumpy. Not sure I'll order this one again...

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This smells like Christmas, but there is nothing piney or traditionally Christmasy about it. Accelerated a bit, but it's worth it. I really like this one, will order again.

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Great Scent

I just got done making a batch of solid lotion bars, using this scent for the first time. Actually, this is this is my first time ever ordering from Brambleberry....I am so pleased with this company and with this scent! I think it's a great scent for a man or a woman. I ordered a few more fragrance oils and I can't wait to test them out after smelling this one. As a side note, I really appreciate how much time was spent packaging my items before shipping them to make sure everything arrived safe and sound!

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I ordered this for my male clients and I was not sure how I was going to like the scent. I loved it, my boyfriend loves it. I havent made anything with it yet though, so not sure on how the performance is, but I absolutely adore the scent. I plan on using it in my liquid soaps for men, so we shall see how that turns out, but so far, I love it.