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Lovely scent

Used in M&P shaving soap as gift for husband. We both love the scent- warm and spicy without being over powering. I add bentonite clay and this last batch red Brazilian clay that I got in a sample pack for color.

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Wonderful scent

I have been looking for years for something my make customers would like just as much as hair cut and a shave. This fragrance might have taken hc&s place at the top of my list. It's smooth, warm and delicately sensual. To me it smells like a combination of earth Christmas spice and a very sexy man.

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One of my most popular scents

This scent smells heavenly. Both men and women love it. as its well balance. A little goes a long way, but mellows quite well. You want be disappointed . I can't keep product in stock when I use this scent.

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best seller!

I LOVE this scent and so do my customers! I can't keep this in stock. I do work with a low temp in my oils as it does gel very hot and sometimes it cracks on the top but my customers don't care. Also I add this fragrance even before I get a light trace, mix it in fast and pour it in the mold right away. Works perfect for me every time!

Love this fragrance

I too loved it straight out of the bottle. I didn't have any trouble with ricing or acceleration. I tend to soap at room temps. I did not add any color to the batter, it came out a lovely yellow-tan. This scent really sticks, I like a lot of fragrance in my soap and this one does not disappoint, but be mindful it is a strong fragrance, so this bottle will last a long time. Bonus points for great value. Men and women seem to find it equally pleasing. It's a keeper in my book.