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This is a favorite of mine and as soon as it is available it is sold. I absolutely love this fragrance. It is very popular with both male and female. I am sorry there are only 5 stars to give this scent.

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My daughter and I exact reaction when we opened this out of bottle. This scent is what every sexy man needs to smell like! My husband is going to LOVE it in soap! It does excelirate at a good clip for me, so be aware you need to work fast.

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Lovely scent

Used in M&P shaving soap as gift for husband. We both love the scent- warm and spicy without being over powering. I add bentonite clay and this last batch red Brazilian clay that I got in a sample pack for color.

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Wonderful scent

I have been looking for years for something my make customers would like just as much as hair cut and a shave. This fragrance might have taken hc&s place at the top of my list. It's smooth, warm and delicately sensual. To me it smells like a combination of earth Christmas spice and a very sexy man.

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One of my most popular scents

This scent smells heavenly. Both men and women love it. as its well balance. A little goes a long way, but mellows quite well. You want be disappointed . I can't keep product in stock when I use this scent.