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Love this fragrance

I too loved it straight out of the bottle. I didn't have any trouble with ricing or acceleration. I tend to soap at room temps. I did not add any color to the batter, it came out a lovely yellow-tan. This scent really sticks, I like a lot of fragrance in my soap and this one does not disappoint, but be mindful it is a strong fragrance, so this bottle will last a long time. Bonus points for great value. Men and women seem to find it equally pleasing. It's a keeper in my book.

Verified Purchase

I purchased this based off of the description and LOVED it out of the bottle. I was nervous about using it in my CP because of the reviews but I couldn't resist it. I soaped with full water, but I use lots of additives and milk. While it did misbehave just a tiny bit, it was definitely workable. I added the frag to the section I didn't mind discoloring, then colored the rest. I did thicken and rice and tiny bit but nothing my SB couldn't handle. I am back to order more!

Verified Purchase
It's great but it rices slightly

I love the smell of this and it was one of my best sellers, but I noticed a little bit of ricing when I used this FO. It wasn't bad enough to cause any problems other than blending for a little longer. Would buy again.

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love this scent !!!!

as soon as i opened the bottle i loved it !!! i added a bit more to my m/p soap and it smells awesome. more for a man tho, but it is high up on my reorder list. did i mention i love this scent !!!!

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Very strong at first but mellowed beautifully

When I first soaped with this, it seemed overwhelmingly strong to me. It came across floral to my nose, more feminine than masculine. But the longer it cured, the more it mellowed and softened and I ended up liking it a lot. Then I decided to try and blend it with the Apple Sage FO..3 oz of Cedar and Saffron to 1 oz of Apple Sage, and Oh My Goodness!!! At first the apple scent really popped, then the floral came through. Now, even 2 months later, the scent is still going strong (and gorgeous!) Definitely the fav among my friends, and one I can't keep from smelling every time I walk into my office (which is where I store my soaps) Also, I didn't have a problem soaping with this fragrance. No acceleration or ricing for me and I soap at between 110-120 degrees. I also used Vanilla Stabilizer because I did a 5 color modified taiwan swirl (with white, pink, red, blue, and black) and it still hasn't changed color after two months!