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Like a walk in the forest.

I wasn't sure about this fragrance oob but after making a batch with it I have totally changed my mind! It was wonderful to work with and calls to me to smell it every time I walk by. Will be adding this to my favorites!

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Like a handful of sawdust

I love the smell of sawdust. So this to me is amazing. I honestly can't smell the amber or anything but fresh cut wood - But I don't mind, and neither does anyone else that's tested it so far. It seemed to speed trace a bit, but not enough to be of any worry. And it sticks in cold process like a dream. I'll be picking up more of this for sure!

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Wonderful woodsy scent

This was a family favorite. Everyone that received this soap said it was their favorite. It will definately be a staple FO for me.

Warm, woody scent

This fragrance was one in a sampler I bought. When I opened the bottle and smelled it for the first time, my nose only picked up cedar, but it wasn't in-your-face, just very identifiable. The amber didn't seem to surface. I used it in a batch of cp soap and what a remarkable difference in the scent. This is one you definitely shouldn't judge from the bottle. Yes, it still has the woody smell of cedar, but the amber comes through, warming up the scent and sweetening it just a little. It did accelerate just a bit, but was totally workable with my soaping plan. I really like this fragrance. I think it might be a men's favorite. I would buy it again.


I adore this fragrance - it worked wonderfully in my MP soap. I'm going to use in sachet bags and stuff them in every drawer and closet in the house - maybe even the car!!