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Wonderful woodsy scent

This was a family favorite. Everyone that received this soap said it was their favorite. It will definately be a staple FO for me.

Warm, woody scent

This fragrance was one in a sampler I bought. When I opened the bottle and smelled it for the first time, my nose only picked up cedar, but it wasn't in-your-face, just very identifiable. The amber didn't seem to surface. I used it in a batch of cp soap and what a remarkable difference in the scent. This is one you definitely shouldn't judge from the bottle. Yes, it still has the woody smell of cedar, but the amber comes through, warming up the scent and sweetening it just a little. It did accelerate just a bit, but was totally workable with my soaping plan. I really like this fragrance. I think it might be a men's favorite. I would buy it again.


I adore this fragrance - it worked wonderfully in my MP soap. I'm going to use in sachet bags and stuff them in every drawer and closet in the house - maybe even the car!!

Earthy aroma

Use this fragrance and was kinda put off because of the strong cedar smell but once I made a loaf using this fragrance it was really nice..fresh and clean smelling... great fragrance for the coming winter!

Really Accelerates in CP

I was really looking forward to using this in a soap challenge this month. I needed something that didn’t accelerate (to be able to work at emulsion and light trace) and what a bonus that it doesn’t discolor! But I was sadly let down. I stick blended to emulsified, mixed in my colors and when I added the FO it went straight to medium and then heavy trace. So much for my plan to use squeeze bottles for my design. Very, Very disappointed. (My Lye-water was at 95 degrees and my oils were at 104 degrees). Scent smells nice tho’!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sylvia! I'm glad you thought our Cedar and Amber Fragrance Oil smells nice, though I'm sorry you had troubles soaping with it. In our tests, this fragrance behaved well, as seen in this cold process tutorial. There can be other reasons for acceleration, like clay, ingredients with sugar, etc. Customer service has emailed directly to help troubleshoot!