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Back to Atlas Cedarwood

I've been using BB's cedarwood Atlas which has worked beautifully in my cold process soap. I decided to switch it up and try the American cedar wood and wow, what a disappointment. It's so incredibly different than the Atlas that I don't dare and use this bottle or I may upset my customers with the change. Right out of the bottle the smell is less sweet than Atlas. It has a very earthy, musky scent that to my personal taste is very unappealing. I held up the two lids and did not tell my husband which was which and he was also turned off by the smell and picked the Atlas cedarwood, which is nearly half more expensive than this American cedarwood but well worth the extra money. I know that out of the bottle is not really a good test. The BB spearmint isn't so great out of the bottle but wonderful in soaps. Conclusion- don't mess with a good thing. I'm going back to Morocco:)

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Love it!

I adore this scent! It's nicely gender neutral, too. Blends well with other scents, I encourage experimentation!

Smells exactly what you would think it does

This is an amazing oil, and I'm almost completely out! I will be purchasing more soon!! I love love LOVE this smell, however, it isn't as strong as I would think, or like it to be, its a very fresh, light, cedar smell, like what it would smell like walking threw a cedar forest after a light rain on a humid day..ughh... I love it man! This company is without a doubt..THE BEST

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When I first got this essential oil I disliked it. The smell from the bottle and while working with it just didn't agree with me initially. Once in the soap though it was gorgeous and I absolutely fell in love with it. It became my second favorite scent after Lavender. I can't get enough of it now and even though it is usually considered masculine I would wear or wash with it myself in a heartbeat.

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A perfectly aromatic essential oil

I used the fragrance calculators 'strong' value for this oil, however I was sorely tempted to go the full monty and use 1 ounce per pound of fat. Im glad I didn't. The oil has a rather distant smell during trace and from the bottle, however once hardened its a solid aroma of crisp, natural cedarwood. Adding this oil caused a slight accelleration in the overall trace, but not as profound as pomace grade olive oil. The final soap was, as to be expected, a mellow almond colour. I actually recommend avoiding patchouli as a blend with this oil considering Cedarwood has an already rather earthy finish.