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I did not like this at all, way too flowery smelling.

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Simply Amazing!

I have used this scent in Cold Processed soap and Soap Cupcakes and let me tell you it's amazing! Works great with multi-colors, and didn't accelerate on me at all! I LOVE this scent! I worked great in my Mermaid Soap! I purchased an 8 oz

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Nice addition

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this scent...maybe something more beachy. It’s not beachy or even what I consider a watery type fragrance, but it’s really nice. It’s heady, at least at first (curing will ultimately tell.) my 1# test batch overheated but I took a chance on a 2#batch and it did fine. Did start to rice when I first poured it in,but it blended right out. I think lots of people will like this one!

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Michelle B
Fantastic scent

I tend to purchase lots of different scents than too many repeats. This was one of those repeats.. and a much larger second bottle at that! I really like this clean, fresh, sweet scent. It behaved well for me in CP and held well during curing. Highly recommend.

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Most requested scent

This scent works well in CP soap. No morphing or acceleration. The scent holds well and smell amazing. A very tranquil, clean scent - my most liked and requested by both males and females.