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Best Seller

The CP soap I make with this is my personal favorite, and my best seller! Maybe it's because I always tell people "Smell this one! It's my favorite!", but they love it too! Men and women both seem to enjoy it.

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My favorite

This is a great scent! I prefer to use this in lotions, but it smells wonderful in my boyfriend's beard oil. My new favorite.

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Erin, #SlateRoofStudio
Sells well in Baby Ducky Soaps

Celestial Waters is a unique scent. Fresh, but with a little sweetness. It never sold well for me, but I started making Baby M&P bars with a Rubby Ducky, and voila! So this must be what folks think babies should smell like (vs. baby powder) I just made a CP loaf, and it behaved well. I dusted it with gold sparkle mica and it looks lovely, so we will see how it sells.

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Trish M.
Took Me By Surprise

I purchased the mini flower bath bomb kit that comes with this FO. On the fence by the name until I opened the bottle. Oh my-lanta! It is definitely a winner. I made the flower bath bombs last friday night, my sis 'n law came for the weekend and said, "It smells nice in here, what is that?" Of course, I showed her what I created and she wanted to take them home. It has a beautiful clean scent. Definitely a must have scent for bath & body. I'm thinking of making wax melts next

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SomeTyme Place
Love this one

I am giving this fragrance five stars because: it is easy to work with; it is a great seller (one of my best actually); and I love how it smells. I renamed it Bubbling Brook because that is what I think of when I smell it :)