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Cellini Red is like a deep hot pink

I used this in my CP soap. During curing it turned to a beautiful sherbert orange color.

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When I purchased the lipstick red I did read the description of the product prior to purchasing it and true to form instead of the beautiful deep red that initially appeared when mixed with the oils prior to placing it in the soap I ended up with orange I still want to make a cold process soap with the beautiful red that one would think they would receive with this lipstick red. do you have a mica that would produce the color advertized? So far that has not been my experience with any of the micas i have purchased.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Felecia! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this colorant. We love the Cellini Red Lip Safe Mica and the rich color it gives lipstick! Though it does turn to an orange/peach color in cold process, as noted on the product page. While some micas work great in cold process, others morph colors or disappear completely. Getting a true red in cold process can be a bit tricky, though it definitely can be done by blending colorants. Check out The "Perfect Red" in Cold Process Soap blog post to see those blends!

Excellent red for lip balm

This made a vibrant red for my lip balm although I had to use much more than I was expecting to get any color to show on my lips (about 2 tsp per 1 ounce lip balm.) Mixed very well in my MP soap and turned into a vibrant orange which I was expecting from the product description.

Verified Purchase
Beautiful Mica

Does anyone read the description or look at the cold process soap picture?! Ha. I read that it goes orange, so in knowing that, I made a cold process orange fragrance soap and a Halloween type soap and it turned vibrant orange. It is the perfect Halloween/citrus color. I've also used this in bath bombs with pink grapefruit. It's the perfect color - turns to a beautiful pink that matches the scent perfectly.

What The..........

I am so angry right now!! To me Cellini Red means "red" but noooo! So, unfortunately I just wasted an entire batch of, not so cheap, solid sugar scrub. I thought it would make a nice pink color to go with the pink grapefruit FO I paired it with but it only started out red then quickly morphed into a Halloween orange color. Not cool. I love BB but this makes me feel deceived and I can't afford this hobby to begin with - yes, it's just a hobby. I don't make a dime off of anything I make. This hurts.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tina! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this color and feel deceived. As noted on this product page as well as the sample picture, our Cellini Red Lip Safe Mica does go an orange color in products. Though we love the beautiful orange this colorant morphs too! For a nice pink in your scrub I would recommend using the Coral Mica like we did for this pretty pink color in our Sweet Summer Scrub Tutorial. Rose Clay would also make a more dusty pink as seen in our Rose Clay Sugar Scrub.