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The most perfect!

The most perfect, most best, most greatest invention EVER. I have very dry hands And dont really like balms or salves because they are so hard OR they are too soft. This is the best thing it gels the oils and makes the perfect balm that doens't leave your skin greasy or sticky. will always have on hand. Will have to buy a bigger bag next time to try it along with another e-wax to make a nice lotion. its really wonderful!

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Holy Bees Wax Batman!

I heard about this and thought that could work great at gelling my face serum I make for friends and family, which is all oils. Wow, this made my serum feel absolutely wonderful. It thickened it into a smooth, creamy, gel type texture without leaving that slick wax coating you would get with regular bees wax pellets. And it glides and spreads into the skin easily now. Everyone is in love with the change! Especially me.

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I used this to make a oily gelled butter for my skin and hair. It turned out wonderful. It made it nice and smooth. I made it with the Cera Bellina and without. Both were good but the one will Cera Bellina had a better feel. I'm so glad that Brambleberry sells a smaller size because a little goes a long way.

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Great in Lip Balm

I really love the difference this makes in my lip balms! I have a silly question though. Would this be considered natural? I don't advertise my products as all natural but it's something always asked. I just want to make sure I know the proper answer. Thank you!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Crystal! I'm so glad you love our Cera Bellina Wax in your lip balms! While this wax is a derivative of beeswax, it would not be considered all natural. Though, the word 'natural' is not well regulated or defined in the soap and cosmetic industry. This means that technically someone could say it is.