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Fresh and Unique

I bought this fragrance upon suggestion by BB customer service. I wanted something bright but relaxing without lavender in it (per customer request). I just tested this out in my shampoo and conditioner at 2% usage and its perfect! I am normally a sweet smell person, but this is a great balance of herbal and citrus-y. I am looking forward to trying it out in soaps and lotions, would make a great solid lotion scent!

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Bright and Fresh

I am a fan of this unique FO because of its bright, fresh smell--not like juicy tart citrus kind of bright, not like linen fresh--but an herbal-citrus-green fresh. I can definitely pick up on the Petitgrain, which adds that green-orange note. It has worked great in both MP and CP for me.

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Good when mixed

I'm not a huge fan of this on its own. It's not bad, just not my cup of tea. Mixed with the orange valencia EO, though, it's perfect. A slight increase of citrus makes this smell warm and cleaner.

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I think I have a problem because I keep sniffing the soap I made with this FO. I bought a fairly large bottle without having ever smelled it because it was on sale. So I took a chance and I am certainly not upset about that. It is more citrus I would say than chamomile. It is sophisticated, not necessarily for the adolescent demographic.

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Wonderful scent

One of my favorites so far. As another commenter said this mixes well with citrus scents. I like to mix it with lemon cake. Both young and old like it.