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Great w Other FO in CP

Performs well in CP, no discoloration, smells ok on its own, but fantastic when blended with other FOs

Bright and happy

I purchased this at Otion and love the bright fresh effervescent scent. It performed flawlessly in CP, no acceleration and scent hold is strong. The second batch I mixed with apple fragrance and it is lovely also.

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Yep, it's that good

I mixed a little of this FO with Summer Melon Spritzer. I'm not crazy on melon or super sweet fragrances, but decided to try anyways. Let's just say I'm making a 6 pound batch tonight, I love it so much. The dry fizzy ale scent it provides cuts the sweetness of the fruity melon, but at the same time completely compliments it too. I can see this working beautifully with berry scents. Definitely will be experimenting with this more!!

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Definitely Unique

I've never smelled anyhting quite like this. It smells a bit like ginger ale and definitly inspires a lot of ideas for both CP and M&P soaps. I can't wait to use it!

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Lovely and Diverse

This fragrance blends well with my fruity oils to make flavored champagne, soda pop, and ale scents. Smells sweet and bubbly!