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Pricey But Worth It

I have 4 or 5 different champagne scents from other supplies and this is by far my favorite. I blend this with florals and berry scents for one of my candles and the sweet bubbly smell is spot on. My only complaint is the price. At almost $2 an once (1 lb order) this is on the very high side of fragrance oils.

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It's shocking that the scent actually smells like bubbles! I'm not sure what champagne actually smells like, but I mixed this with sweet orange fragrance oil to make a champagne mimosa for a client and they loved it. This scent by itself is fun, but becomes a treat with orange!

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Smells clean

Someone told me this smelled like soda. And another person said it smelled like comet cleaning powder lol!! I mixed this with orange essential oil. But I think I’ll use more orange when mixing these scents.

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Loved it

Nothing bad to say about this, just what I imagined

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How do they do this???

How fragrance manufacturers can make something smell like what it's supposed to smell like (including "bubbly") is just beyond me. Very nice sweet champagne smell that pairs well with tons of other fragrances. Behaves very well in CP, no acceleration in my recipe. Used a little bit of white mica to tone down the natural color and it came out just right. Use natural tone to mimic champagne or ginger ale! LOVE THIS!