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Loved it

Nothing bad to say about this, just what I imagined

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How do they do this???

How fragrance manufacturers can make something smell like what it's supposed to smell like (including "bubbly") is just beyond me. Very nice sweet champagne smell that pairs well with tons of other fragrances. Behaves very well in CP, no acceleration in my recipe. Used a little bit of white mica to tone down the natural color and it came out just right. Use natural tone to mimic champagne or ginger ale! LOVE THIS!

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Smells like Sprite!

I love this fragrance. It smells just like Sprite. It's great to mix with other scents. I mixed it with orange 10X and it was absolutely wonderful.

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Buy this!

I just opened my shipment today and had to stop my self from drinking my fragrance oil. It smells like bubbly ginger ale. I can' t wait to use it in my CP soaps

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Smells like fizz!

It behaved very well for me, and it smells so fizzy! I don't know how they got it to smell like a freshly opened bottle of bubbly, but however they did it, it works. I agree with the other reviewers -- this is one I'll definitely be playing with in custom fragrance mixes.