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OOB this scent is pretty close to what you will get in your final soap, lotion, or bath bomb. It's a little reminiscent of ginger ale but will mix with just about anything and give it an effervescent boost! It's behaved extremely well in my cold process soaps and melt and pour soaps. If you're looking for a multi-purpose fragrance to add to your collection - you won't be disappointed in this one.

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This fragrance is awesome! It really blends well with anything too. I used it in M&P and CP with no issues.

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What can I say..EXCELLENT!

Brambleberry you did it again. An excellent FO. A must buy over and over again. Everyone loved this FO.

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Michelle B
I really love this smell!

I used this with foaming bath butter/whip and it makes for a really 'delicious' combination. Wish I could eat it!

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Nice Fragrance, Would Use Again!

I made my first batch of heavy cream soap with this fragrance. Like many have mentioned, it smells like ginger ale oob, but gets nice and effervescent when it's in the soap. The only reason why I'm holding off on the last star is due to the slight cheesy smell that the soap got. It could very well have just been the type of soap that caused this, so I'd like to try it again in maybe a M&P soap or a bath bomb and see how that goes.