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So very feminine and soft!! My 79 year old Mom's eyes popped when she smelled the bottle! NOW she's excited to try some shampoo bars made out of this one!! Really really lovely!! UPDATE: Used a slow moving recipe, soaped at 108 degrees, added fragrance on the stronger side and the shampoo soap bars turned out beautifully!! No problems whatsoever!! I always add a little clay and soak it directly in the fragrance to help make it stick to the soap. The bars turned out great and are curing really nicely!! Mom is excited to finally try a shampoo bar, it just had to be something she really liked! :)

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Very nice fragrance

This is a beautiful soft and feminine scent. It isn't strong, so definitely use on the heavy side. Soaping with this FO was better than I expected. I used a slow moving recipe and soaped around 105. There is a touch of acceleration, but it is mild. And I really didn't notice any ricing at all. I just wish I used more of it. And I used the heavy amount as listed on BB's fragrance calculator.

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I went with this fragrance because i wanted to have a colorful summery looking bar with no discoloration. It did not discolor however my soap has been curing for six weeks now and the scent has completely faded away, not a trace of it. A shame because the bars are so pretty. Note: I used coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, canola oil & shea butter. And I always soap under 100 degrees.

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Smells great but accelerates

I really love this smell - it's a very light, fresh floral. The problem is that it rices and seizes, even with slow moving recipes and low temperature oils and lye water.

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Very Light on the fragrance

After trying several types of cherry blossoms this one is less sweet to me. It is more light and fresh. Will be buying it again. I didn't have any acceleration or ricing.