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When I first smelled this, I was overwhelmed with how much it smells like real chocolate. It smells just like the description, and it's absolutely delicious.

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Rapidly becoming my best seller!

This scent works wonderfully in my HP soaps. I mix in a little melted, unsweetened chocolate and some coffee grounds for a really dynamite soap. I sell out at almost every market!

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I think this is a yummy scent, i can definitely smell both the chocolate and the coffee, i can't wait to try it out, i just wish it was lip safe, because it would be amazing in a lippie!😉

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Love this fragrance

Just received this! I bought the 2 oz, which sounds small, but is SO MUCH fragrance for the price. In the bottle, it smells strongly of chocolate, not too much of espresso. The chocolate scent is the best I've smelled yet. Doesn't smell artificial like a lot of other ones I've tried. I'll update when I try it in my lotion bars. If you like chocolately scents, I strongly recommend!

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Very chocolate smell

I love a lot of scents from Bramble Berry, but this one missed the mark for me unfortunately. I wasn't able to detect an espresso smell, just a lot of chocolate. Plus both times I made recipes with this fragrance oil (out of the same jar), the soap had the dreaded oranges spots just two days later. All of my regular oils are ok because I've used them in other batches with different fragrances that turned out just fine.