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5 stars - my favorite!

I opened the bottle and smelled this. Hated it. But then I made a batch of cold process soap with it and OMG what a brilliant, dynamic and sophisticated scent! It is magnificent in every way. Ordering more as we speak.

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Be careful about using Sodium Lactate

I used Sodium Lactate at the rate of 1 tbsp per # of oil, and the Christmas Fragrance. I should have read a little closer, as my soap immediately went from medium trace to a gloppy mess, like firm mashed potatoes. I spooned everything in a silicone mold and had a full gel process. I didn't really want that, as I was making goat milk soap. It turned out, but I held my breath for two days.

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Good but not strong, accelerated quickly

Good scent OOTB but faded in my cold process soaps, definitely use more than the fragrance calculator suggests. Quickly accelerated race to thick pudding, even soaping at 100°F. A good fragrance, just faint.

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Love it!

This is one of my best sellers for Christmas!reminds me of spice cookies.i love it!its a must to have!

Question for M&P

Hello, I am running quite late for my holidays products, so I wanted to do a Melt & Pour with this fragrance. As general rule, should I expect the same discoloration in M&P as in CP? Or the discoloration only happens because of the lye? if so, how much color stabilizer should I use? BtW, Scent smells very good in the bottle Thank you

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Virginie! I'm so glad you like the smell of our Christmas Spice Fragrance Oil. If a fragrance discolors in cold process soap it will also discolor in melt & pour soap. This can be easily remedied by using Vanilla Color Stabilizer at a 1:1 ratio with your fragrance.