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So I wasn’t sure what kind of review I’d end up leaving for this one. Smelled heavenly in the bottle a perfect all around Christmas scent like everything Christmas all packaged in a bottle (except not Christmas tree scent just everything else) it definitely accelerated trace but I added extra fluids the second batch I made with it so I could do a swirl. It worked but still not as fluid as I like. Then two to three weeks later I notice as I am turning them that they no longer smell!! I was super worried but figured I’ve had a few that way but once in the shower they smell good again just not in the package so I was sad but figured whatever and waited another three weeks and packaged them and at that point (totally weird because I made notes of all this) they were smelling great again and back to perfectly scented not to strong or not strong enough just perfect again. Like I said totally weird. overall experience with cold process is I love it I will buy a bigger bottle but make sure you don’t water discount or like my first batch it will accelerate so fast it may seize and wait the full 6-8 weeks before freaking out that the smell is gone. And so far (8weeks later) it hasn’t turned brown or discolored at all!!!

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Smells like Christmas morning!

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Not a fan of this one...

I'm new to soap making. I bought this to try for my Christmas soaps and the fragrance is very muted. Out of the bottle, I did not get anything "christmasy" out of the scent. I was pretty disappointed. I made a batch out of this today and it did trace VERY fast (as mentioned in the description) for me. I will not be buying this scent again.

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I used this scent in a cold process soap. I was disappointed because I wanted a nice Christmas soap but ended up with Pine Sol smelling soap

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The fragrance is spectacular!

I love this scent. I order it every year for my soap.