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Super Accelerate

This fragrance turned my just shy of a trace CP soap to non pourable in seconds. Not a good fragrance to use if you want to swirl. Just poured yesterday so can't say if the fragrance stays.

Don’t Use in Bath Bombs

The fragrance is absolutely heavenly out of the bottle and I was so excited to use this for my Christmas line of bath bombs. That was a huge mistake. As amazing as it smells out of the bottle, it stinks when the bath bomb dissolves in the tub. The scent it released wasn’t remotely close to the original scent... kind of a chemical smell and it was awful. No one would want to take a bath in that. I had to throw my entire batch out. What a waste and very frustrating.

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latasha persue
not very strong

I used 2 oz in a batch of 2 lbs cp whipped soap while i absolutely love this fragrance it wasnt very strong at all when finished

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Light Fragrance

I used 3 oz FO for 3 lb of soap; soaping lye & oils at 86F degrees with no acceleration. (Some slight separation when making individual soaps after soaping main batch.) The scent completely disappeared, then came back slightly during cure. After 2 months cure, the scent was back, but lighter than I would prefer. Will used 4 oz for 3 lbs of soap next time. Fragrance lovely - not too strong on the spicy side.

Verified Purchase

So I wasn’t sure what kind of review I’d end up leaving for this one. Smelled heavenly in the bottle a perfect all around Christmas scent like everything Christmas all packaged in a bottle (except not Christmas tree scent just everything else) it definitely accelerated trace but I added extra fluids the second batch I made with it so I could do a swirl. It worked but still not as fluid as I like. Then two to three weeks later I notice as I am turning them that they no longer smell!! I was super worried but figured I’ve had a few that way but once in the shower they smell good again just not in the package so I was sad but figured whatever and waited another three weeks and packaged them and at that point (totally weird because I made notes of all this) they were smelling great again and back to perfectly scented not to strong or not strong enough just perfect again. Like I said totally weird. overall experience with cold process is I love it I will buy a bigger bottle but make sure you don’t water discount or like my first batch it will accelerate so fast it may seize and wait the full 6-8 weeks before freaking out that the smell is gone. And so far (8weeks later) it hasn’t turned brown or discolored at all!!!