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Beautiful Intense Orangey-Red

I used the Cimmeron lab color to tint some honey melt and pour soap. It produced a gorgeous intense dark orangey-red color. I first mixed two drops of the colorant into several ounces of distilled water and then mixed it into the soap. A little goes an insanely long way. Highly recommend diluting prior to use. One drop of concentrated lab color will tint pounds upon pounds of melt and pour soap. It's easy to add too much and end up with tinted soap lather during use. Extreme dilution is the way to go.

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I love how dark this orange can be if you want it to be, with a little less you can add some TD for a creamier orange. This one is definitely a keeper, and will REALLY be handy for my fall soaps and bath items!!!

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Excellent color

I order this and several other LabColors. Have used 2 of them in cold process soap and both turned out spectacular in color and did not bleed. The learning process on these LabColors for me was horrible. The information on this sight about how to use them and dilute them was lacking for me. Inconventiently I had to wait for a call from customer service and that call did not go well. Finally at the end of the call, I was given the information I could have used in the beginning of the call. I am a step by step person so don't give me the end of the story before the beginning ... it just doesn't work for me. You know how sometimes when someone really knows what they are doing - it is difficult for them to get to the ground level and that is what was happening here. I know now and can deal with it but having step by step information on the website so I can place an informed order would have been great. Its too late after the order arrives to be told that you need a perservative.