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One of my favorites!

I am totally in love with this fragrance! I made lotion, bath truffles, and wax melts. 5 Big stars!☆☆☆☆☆

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love in wax melts

Cinnamon Cocoa is unique and yummy! Most of my customers love it in my wax melts and my husband loves it!

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Smells wonderful!

This fragrance is amazing! I used this this am and my house smells wonderful!

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Amazing scent as described in other 5 star reviews. I used in CP and worked great-on my 2nd bottle. I also mixed with coffee for cinnamon mocha soap.

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Mrs. Amber

I must say, I'm a little hurt that as of current, this incredible FO only has 4 stars! I'm refusing to believe it! This is a 10 star FO ALL THE WAY!! Total confession though, out of the whole Hygge Collection, this was the one FO I thought would appeal to me the least (since I am not huge on "foodie" scents). Boy was I WRONG! It is fantastic... love at first sniff! This is such a beautifully warm, cozy & complex aroma! Sweet, but not TOO sweet, "foodie" but not overly so (I know that might not make sense to some, but it's true)! It carries notes that make it SO MUCH MORE than just another foodie-type fragrance! I detect each & every note in this FO & it's blended expertly to where supporting notes allow main notes to shine with rich complexity! Warm cinnamon & spices meet coffee beans & creamy cocoa notes exquisitely! This FO soaps like a dream as well! When I needed my trace thinner, it stayed at the perfect consistency, and when I continued my pour & needed to SB to thicker trace, it cooperated beautifully, from start to finish! Made the whole kitchen smell incredible! The entire Hygge Collection is hands-down phenomenal, and I was blown away at how even the ones I thought might not be as favored as the others smelled marvelous! I truly can't make up my mind which one I love best! It's a 5-way tie where each one is unique and STUNNING! This scent, like the others, is a hug in a bottle, and even though this entire collection is perfect for fall, I'm so in love with each & every one that I'll be adding all of them to my permanent line year-round! Nothing wrong with keeping the cozy love coming! QUICK UPDATE: This FO continues to cure wonderfully! Scent is actually curing STRONGER, with notes of chocolatey cocoa becoming more pronounced in the bars! Discolor was slower than usual, starting out bright yellow, then finally ending up at a rich, chocolate brown- PERFECT for this scent!