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This is not cinnamon fragrance oil...

If you're looking for cinnamon smelling oil this is NOT it. This is cinnamon LEAF essential oil. Big difference! This is my first ingredient in shampoo because of it's ability to stimulate hair growth! This is one ingredient I would never be without. It's absolutely wonderful! My hair is down to my butt btw. Excellent product!! Thank you BrambleBerry♡

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Its ok

I personally don't like the smell of this but that is just a personal preference, it isn't gross or anything I just much prefer the smell of cinnamon bark. All my customers who have bought my oatmeal cinnamon soap that uses this oil have loved it so I will definitely continue using it. It does smell like cinnamon but not exactly like the cinnamon bark smell many are accustomed too (It is cinnamon leaf after all). It is very powerful at first but after awhile mellows out to a nice scent level. I find it works very well in "spicy" blends.

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Cinnamon Leaf OIl

I received my first order with Brambleberry and loved everything especially the scented oils. However, have to be honest, the cinnamon leaf oil ruined the soap I was making for my daughter's class for Valentine's Day. Was going for a Cinnamon Red Hot Heart Soap but the scent was really off and rather offensive. Need to dispose of the soap already made with it and the oil. Disappointed.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jayne! I'm sorry you were disappointed with this essential oil.  We love the straight cinnamon smell; this is an essential oil so it is 100% pure and smells exactly like what it is. If you're looking for a sweeter cinnamon you might like Cinnamon Sugar Fragrance Oil, Hot Apple Pie Fragrance Oil, or Arabian Spice Fragrance Oil

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Nice scent

I used this in a CP soap. I had heard that it sped up trace and it did for me as well. I still had time to do colors so it wasn't super fast. I don't know about the discoloring another reviewer mentioned. The smell is great and when blended with other essential oils it can be enhanced even more.

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Tooth Powder

I used this in some tooth powder I made. Although it starts off strong, it really faded to almost nothing by the time we were done with the powder (about a month later). Smelled wonderful in a soy candle.