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To stop the discoloring of your soap being brown when using this oil, should you use your color stabilizer? Before I do, I need help. I'm new to this and I'd like to keep part of my soap white and color the second part. Any help is appreciated.

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It's Ok

I'm not really a Cinnamon person. However, a customer wanted me to make some Cinnamon Soap. It left my Cold Process Soap very soft. The scent so far seems to be holding up. I'll see how the bar curers.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Arlena! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. The Cinnamon Sugar Fragrance Oil is definitely a cinnamon scent so that will be the main note! Though it definitely should not have made your soap any softer. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot.

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This smells so incredibly sweet and delicious. It's a realistic cinnamon and sugar, and people seem to love it as much as I do.

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Getting closer to the elusive smell I've been trying to duplicate

There is a small shop at a coastal town in Texas I love to go to load up on votive candles and wax tarts. These are so amazing that I don't think twice paying 3.25 per votive and 7.50 per 6 pk of wax tarts. They are made just for this one gift shop but I have tried to figure out what they put in it. This scent is pretty close! There is still just a little bit of something missing, maybe a Mexican vanilla? The kids, even the boys, who come Trick or Treating always tell me our house smells the best in the neighborhood. I am determined to duplicate the scent or m ake it better w the help of Brambleberry!

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Smells Wonderful, but soft bar of CP soap

I am not sure what went wrong but I am in week 7 of curing and it still feels a bit soft. I made other batches of soap with the same oils just a different fragrance and they cured perfectly in about 4 1/2 weeks. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.