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Usage Coloring

Love the scent of this one but after my six week cure time in CP soap it greatly discolors my wash clothes. Very disappointed that I have three batches of soap that I can not sell due to this fact and paid $18 for this oil.

Scent dissapered

I was so excited to use this scent, I read good reviews, and straight out of the bottle it smelled amazing. I used the BB fragrance calculator and went for the “strong” recommendation. As soon as I poured the scent into the CP batter it completely dissipated?! I was soaping at room temperature as well. I am so upset I thought this would have a strong smell and would stick for one of my holiday soaps, guess I was wrong. :(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrance oils based on a full 6 week cure time. Many scents will fade when the soap is first made and come back stronger at the end of cure. You will most likely be happier at that point. For more help check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.

Artisans United
Burns Horribly

This smells delicious but burnt my face horribly. I used this in 5 lbs of soap. When I applied the soap to my face it started burning after a few seconds. I usually work with only essential oils, and have never had this happen. If It burns my skin it will certainly burn others. I don't know what to do I followed the FC ratio. Why is this causing skin burning. My husband also had the same reaction .Why is this happening?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you followed the Fragrance Calculator recommendations you were well within a safe usage rate. It sounds like you may have been sensitive to one of the ingredients in this fragrance. Customer service has contacted you directly.

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Everyone's Favorite

I bought this fragrance oil because I was looking for Cinnamon, but I couldn't use enough of the EO to make it how I wanted. I was hesitant to try it, as the whole reason I do soap is because of my extreme chemical sensitivities. This fragrance was a very pleasant surprise. Not only is it the only FO I've tried that doesn't bother me, but it's actually one of my favorites to work with. I put it in CP soap, using the strongest recommended amount, with 1 T finely ground oatmeal per pound of soap. There are many great FO's and EO's here at BB that many of my customers love. This is the only one EVERYONE loves.

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Softly Southern Skin Care
Great Fall Choice

This is a perfect addition to my Fall fragrance choices for my customers products. The cinnamon aroma smells amazing and you can smell sweet notes of sugar and butter. I can't wait to use this in my soaps and other Skin Care products I offer! Also shipment was great! It took a while, but that's due to my location and other items ordered. But it was beautifully and professionally packaged. I've followed BB and Soap Queen for quite a while, and this is my first order with them. I am def pleased!