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Great Value

Five pound bag from Amazon is $15, so $30 for $10 pounds. Compare that to just $22 for 10 pounds from BB. That's nearly 30% savings.

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Not all are the same

I have a tough time with citric acid for bath fizzies some are too fine and get sticky some are too large of a grain and look off so this citric acid is the best that I have used. I will pay a higher price for the better citric acid.

Skin safe?

Is citric acid safe for facial skin when used in CP soap? I'm interested in using it to make a charcoal face bar. What is the usage rate and is there an amount that should not be exceeded? Thanks so much.

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smooth no lumps

This came in a thin baggie like most of the other products I bought from BB. Wish this on was resealable. I put it in an airtight container and it's doing well for my bath fizzies. Nice small smooth texture with no noticeable lumps.

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Citric Acid

BEST. CITRIC. ACID. EVER!!!!! I love the way it makes up bath fizzies. The powder stuff I had before was awful. But I'm in love with this product for Brambleberry!