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Very yummy

This scent was intimidating to me as I was sure it would smell too much like citrus but it ended up being subtle. It's so yummy I literally had to remind myself it was just a bath truffle!

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Not as citrus-y as expected

I ordered this mostly based on the great reviews it got and after requests for a citrus scent, and it smelled great in the bottle but in body butters it turned out smelling a little too much like Froot Loops cereal. I still like it and have yet to test it in soaps so I'm going to give it a try! I think it'll blend well with some other fragrances I have too.

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A Favorite of Customers

I get more requests than any other scent for anything made with this. I didn't like it at first in the bottle either but it is fabulous when soap is done curing, or in scrubs or lotions. A top seller.

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I love this scent. It is intense, so you don't get a proper sense of the scent until you add it to a base. It is a wonderful smell. I am sensitive to overbearing fragrances and this one is light when added to a base, yet present. Delightful!!

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surprising, unique and definitely different

I got this one in a sampler and at first I didn't like it at all - not out of the bottle in any case. I thought it smelled like some kind of burnt baked good or like cookies or cupcakes that had gone wrong. And the caramelized sugar scent is definitely there and it's unmistakeably a very foodie fragrance. I made a small soap sample with this fragrance though - just to see whether it smells differently in soap. It's strangely addictive and difficult to describe. My husband says it reminds him of something from his childhood from a bakery. And that's probably the high praise considering that my husband is rather picky. It has definitely grown on me and I'm very interested in what it smells like in CP soaps or maybe bath bombs with coffee fragrances. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars- is because there's still a part of me that is not so sure if it's an acquired taste or not. I think I would be very happy though if it turns out to combine well with coffee based fragrances