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Perfect in every way

Behaves well in my cp. I can't keep this soap on the shelf. It's that nice! There is absolutely nothing bad amyone can say about this FO.


I love this FO. I combined it with the green tea FO to balance out the sweetness with an earthy tone. It behaved extremely well in a Taiwan swirl.. the bars came out beautifully! The scent is fresh, clean, and agreeable with anyone. I definitely need to order a bigger bottle!

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Top Seller

Love Love Love this scent! I mix this scent with a little bit of green fig and the smell is fresh and crisp. I can not keep this on the shelf. Soaped beautifully, no problems with it. Will continue to order this scent.

Nice, like men's cologne

This scent is nice, but not what I expected for an aloe and clover scent. Smells more like a fresh, light men's cologne to me. I love BB fragrances though and find they are usually of superior quality to others I have found, this is just not my personal preference.

Love this gentle scent!

This is one that I used in a complex drop design cold process soap, and it behaved just beautifully. No weird discoloration or acceleration, and the scent is heavenly. The first person to receive some as a gift just raved about how she loved the fragrance. Not overpowering, just fresh and beautiful.