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Not Happy

This product is mislabeled. On the bottle it reads behaves well in cp. It smells great. However, i made two batches of soap and both riced and caused total separation of lye and oils. Also, discoloration occured. Upon review, this product is not ideal for pc but does not warn against it. I will never use this product again for soaping.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
In our testing the Coconut Citrus Sorbet Fragrance Oil behaved well in cold process soap without any ricing or separation. While FOs are often the culprit for ricing there can be other causes like temperature as well as certain additives. For other options check out our Complete List of Non-Accelerating Fragrance Oils.


So far this is my second favorite FO from you guys. It smells amazing! Exactly like a pina colada. Everyone that smells this falls in love with it. I’ll be buying the big bottle next time :)

Verified Purchase

This is my personal as well as customer's favorite! I use it in hot process, sugar scrubs, and bath bombs! Please never discontinue this.

Just ok

Made LS soap with this, and it's not my favorite. The kids like it though, but they thought it was caramel scented. Couldn't detect any Coconut or Citrus in the final soap.

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Love it's gone

I love this scent! The fact that it fades in CP is a pain. What else can I use in CP that is similar?