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Too Sweet

I am sad that I am just not a fan of this fo. I love Coconut; and I just can't pick up any coconut notes. It also is way too sweet which tends to give me a headache. Thankfully, it didn't affect me much while making the soap. It is strong and shows no signs of fading at 3+ weeks along. I will be trying the Coconut Cybilla in the near future. If my opinion changes after the full 6 week cure I will update my review. I am certain that there are many who will love this fo; it just isn't for me.

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Love This Scent

I purchased a sample and didn’t love it at first. I decided to purchase. a 4 oz to try it in my body butter. Wow! The scent lasts forever.. It didn’t discolor my Butter. It is my daughters favorite. I have other Coconut Fragrance Oils that I use for different things. Those have a more tropical scent. This has more of a Coconut Cream Pie scent. Always make sure you pay attention to the description and the notes before you purchase. Also I find buying a sample first is always helpful.

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This is the worst smelling coconut I’ve smelled so far. I’m sorry Brambleberry. I switched from island coconut because I thought this would have a stronger coconut scent but it went all wrong in my cold process soap. I’m 2 weeks into curing and the smell is reminiscent of pencil erasers. I will never be able to sell these soaps.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We choose all of our fragrance oils based on a full 6 week cure time so you may end up liking it better then. Though the Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil is more of a bakery type scent. If you're looking for another coconut you may prefer Coconut Cybilla Fragrance Oil or Coconut Citrus Sorbet Fragrance Oil.

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Coconut fragrance really sticks

I made a goat's milk loofah soap combining this fragrance and pineapple-cilantro. I used 2 parts of the coconut and 1 part of the pineapple, expecting that the coconut would eventually fade. It did discolor very slightly to ivory, which looks great combined with the pale yellow in my design. It behaved very well and I experienced no issues. Now, several months later, the coconut is the dominant fragrance and the pineapple has faded. I also made a fantastic smelling body butter. I am very pleased with this fragrance and will be buying more when it runs outs.

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Great Scent in CP Soap!

I purchased this and made a small batch (2lb) for a friend of mine who is crazy about all things coconut. She was not disappointed. This is not a traditional coconut smell but is a sweet take on it. I love it. I already have orders for more. The more traditional coconut scent is Coconut Cybilla which was also a great crowd pleaser! Thanks BB!