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Coconut fragrance really sticks

I made a goat's milk loofah soap combining this fragrance and pineapple-cilantro. I used 2 parts of the coconut and 1 part of the pineapple, expecting that the coconut would eventually fade. It did discolor very slightly to ivory, which looks great combined with the pale yellow in my design. It behaved very well and I experienced no issues. Now, several months later, the coconut is the dominant fragrance and the pineapple has faded. I also made a fantastic smelling body butter. I am very pleased with this fragrance and will be buying more when it runs outs.

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Great Scent in CP Soap!

I purchased this and made a small batch (2lb) for a friend of mine who is crazy about all things coconut. She was not disappointed. This is not a traditional coconut smell but is a sweet take on it. I love it. I already have orders for more. The more traditional coconut scent is Coconut Cybilla which was also a great crowd pleaser! Thanks BB!

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Where is the coconut?

Unfortunately, I bought an 8 oz bottle of this. My husband and I both smelled the Coconut Cream FO out of the bottle and wondered where the coconut smell was. I thought perhaps I would smell it once we soaped with it. We used a medium to high usage to make 8 lbs of a beachy CP soap for a wholesale order. I would have tried it on a small loaf first but I was running behind. I brought it on an errand yesterday and had several people try to guess what the scent was. Not one person said coconut. In fact, once I told them it was coconut, they looked confused. It isn't a terrible smell but it just isn't coconut (perhaps vanilla and almonds)? The good news is that it did not discolor my soap. It will be interesting to see whether the color and scent change as the soap cures.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jodi! I'm sorry this fragrance was not what you were expecting. We love the Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil though it definitely is more of bakery scent with notes of vanilla and almond. If you're looking for a more traditional, fruity coconut smell you may prefer Coconut Cybilla Fragrance Oil or Coconut Citrus Sorbet.

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New Favorite

I held off on this one for a while. Really regretting waiting so long! I bought 8 oz as a tester on various products, I am going to buy 5 pounds and use this year round! It smells absolutely amazing. The scent is holding up beautifully at 6 weeks on all products. So far I have used it on cold process soap, foaming sugar scrub, bath bombs and bath salts. It is flying off the shelves! I have had several special orders and It has only been available through me for about a week. Even for me, I find myself gravitating to this scent when I am using products in the bathroom.

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Not like coconut

The smell was amazing out of the bottle. I made a batch (customer request) and uses a recipe I always use. Didn't have any problem with acceleration, but it didn't smell like coconut at all after CP soap was out of the mold. I added 4 oz to a 5lb loaf. So I order another bottle, thinking I just needed to add more scent. I put a whole 8oz bottle of Coconut Creme fragrance oil in a 5lb loaf of CP soap... still no coconut scent!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Anna! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the rich and sweet scent of our Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil though it definitely has some more bakery type notes reminiscent of a coconut cream pie! If you're looking for other coconut scents you may prefer Coconut Cybilla Fragrance Oil, Island Coconut Fragrance Oil, or Coconut Citrus Sorbet Fragrance Oil.