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Mrs. Amber
Love my Brambleberry oils!

I buy all my base oils in bulk and am a comparison shopper when it comes time to re-order them. This was my first time ordering my coconut oil from Brambleberry, and was pleased when doing comparative math that per pound with shipping, this was the most affordable option! When the box arrived, it looked like it had been drop-kicked all the way across the country, and I thought, "Oh no! There's no way whats inside isn't damaged!" I couldn't have been more delighted to open the box & discover the CUTEST pink pail in PERFECT condition! What an adorable way to package bulk oils, and INCREDIBLY sturdy too! I absolutely love this coconut oil for my cold process soap making, and love that when the oil is gone, I have a re-useable pail too! I'm ALL about recycle/re-use, so truly appreciate the fact that there will be zero waste when I've used all the oil up! The pail itself is easy to open (I just start at one side, gently pull up as I go around the rim of the lid & it pops off with minimal effort). Putting the lid back on, it forms a super tight seal to keep my oil fresh & free of debris. And of course, in soap It's wonderful! Adds beautiful cleansing properties with lots of big, copius lather! I'm very happy I chose to purchase the 35lb pail from Brambleberry & would do so again & again! It's mess-free & perfect for my needs!

Verified Purchase
Consistently good quality-- but weigh it.

Love the convenience of 1# packaging that can be heated up for use. The oil is great quality, as I've come to expect from Brambleberry. But do be sure to weigh it. Even though it's sold as 1#, you need to weigh it. My 1# packages had 13 oz of oil, according to my digital scale. That makes it a bit more expensive than it appears. But since I've transitioned from serious soaper to someone who only makes it for the holidays-- I go with smaller quantities and convenience.

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Packaging changed

I have been ordering this oil for a few years but this last shipment came in a different bag (7-lb.) It won't even stand up like the old ones did. Please go back to the previous packaging.

Verified Purchase
Good Oil... but

I've purchased this oil many times. I like it. But now that the price has been raised I'll be buying from a different provider. It's all about the cost. This isnt the best price anymore. :-(

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Great oil, packaging leaves something to be desired.

I ordered the 7 pound oil, which came in a boilable, microwave safe bag with a screw top spout. The oil itself was fantastic and arrived in a timely manner. Melts well and easily, it is great for making a good, hard bar of soap or a good, frothy lather. The packaging is nice in theory, but a small corner of the seal had broken before arrival. Unfortunately, I didn't see this, as the hole was quite small, and had to pour out a good amount of oil when water from my waterbath made its way into the packaging. The price for the oil is good, and I would recommend it, but please make sure to very carefully double check the seams of the packaging before use, or you might waste a lot of oil like I did. Update- Customer service reached out to me and offered to replace the portion of oil that was lost. The replacement came in two packages, and each package was well sealed and with no issue. Given that two out of the three packages that I've dealt with now were fine, I'm updating to 5 stars.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm glad you found our Coconut Oil fantastic, though I'm sorry the packaging arrived damaged. Customer service has contacted you directly to fix this.