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terrible packaging

I love the smell of this and the idea, but I hate that it came in a plastic bag. It's nearly impossible for me to get all of it out (transferred it to a jar for easier usage). I had planned to use this in some lip balm trials I'm doing, but I think in the future, I will just come up with my own coffee butter formulation so I'm not wasting any that might get stuck in the bag creases.

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Love this butter

I love everything about this butter. But can you freeze it. Has anyone tried.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We haven't specifically tried working with the Coffee Butter once it has been frozen but I think that should work just fine as long as it is frozen in an airtight container.

love the butter, hate the packaging!

I love this coffee butter, it smells amazing... but I have to agree with the other reviewers and say I'm very disappointed in the packaging! It comes in a plastic bag which makes it impossible to get all the product out and therefore you end up losing product and money. I don't think I'll be purchasing it again from Brambleberry if it continues to come in a plastic bag.

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Great Butter awful packaging

I love this butter I cannot say enough good things about it but it comes in a plastic bag and it is such a mess to try to get it out. In addition you can never get all of the product out it's quite wasteful I also agree with the other reviewer much prefer this to be packaged in a jar this is just a huge mess and a lot of waste of a fantastic product. It's well worth the price but when you're throwing a good bit of it away due to packaging that's definitely a problem

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Alicia B.
Best butter out there!

And I am not just saying that because I love coffee. There is something special about this butter. I made an espresso body butter with this coffee butter, cocoa butter coconut oil and espresso fo. It has been a healing, sensitive skin loving mixture. It is soft, lasts a long time, and non greasy. I really hope you guys can hang on to it!!