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Makes amazing jade!

I make a few thousand small bars of soap each year for a local fandom convention. This year's theme was Mad Science, so we decided to try coloring our soap green. Through some experimentation (har har) I stumbled on a spot-on recipe for jade colored soap with this color block. 8 pounds of clear bulk melt-and-pour base, 1 pound of white bulk melt-and-pour base, and one whole (22 gram) chrome green color cube. Slightly translucent, perfect color. Beautiful!

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This was recommended to use in clear melt and pour for a layered melt and pour soap but I first tried it in a Christmas tree mold. This turned the clear soap a muddy green. Not at all what I expected. I was looking for a bright, clear green. My first disappointment with BrambleBerry products. :(

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi MaryAnn! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. We love the Non-Bleeding Chrome Green Oxide and it to make a nice forest green in clear melt and pour soap as pictured above. To achieve that color we used 4 grams of color block per 1 lb of clear MP.

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Meghan Kelsey
Nice Green

I used this in my goat milk base, and was a popping vibrant green!

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Easy to use/beautiful color

Easy to use and good color

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Best Color Block I've Used

I've tried using other color blocks only to find specks off color in the bottom of my molds, colors to be off and had to use almost a whole block to achieve the color I was going for. These are the BEST color blocks I have used. You only need a very little amount in your clear bases. It's wonderful and dissolves right away. Will only be buying from Brambleberry from now on (if only they offered free shipping too!) ;P