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Color didn't Stay

I was really excited with how beautiful this color was in a layer of clear MP soap, but after about 2 weeks, the color faded to the point you could hardly tell the soap was dyed... total bummer, because the color was beautiful, but didn't hold in MP clear soap very well at all.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janell! I'm sorry you had that experience with your Electric Bubble Gum Color Block. The color blocks are meant to be used in melt and pour and should not fade like that. I'm wondering if maybe not enough of the block was used! Check out our Color BLock Usage Rates in Melt & Pour Soap for more information. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot.

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So easy to use!

Seriously, I was a bit worried when I read the reviews about speckling and everything, but turns out there was no need. I think the key is to not overheat it. I put a few slivers in with the soap and melted it for 20 seconds in the microwave. And then I repeated in 10 s bursts, stirring in between, until the soap was melted. The colour melted really nicely with the soap and there were no speckles at all. I had to use a little more in the white soap, but that was to be expected. The slivers I added to the molten soap also melted well and didn't leave any speckles. I am really pleased with these blocks. They're so easy to use and the colours are really nice. Definitely going to order more!

Specks in Soap

I've tried this several times in clear and a white base and every time, I come up with dark colored specks of undissolved colorant. I have added it in very small slivers and melted at temp over 160 degrees. I love the color, but I won't be using if I can't get the specks out.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kathy! I'm so glad you love the color of our Non Bleeding Electric Bubble Gum! Though I'm sorry you're having troubles getting it to mix into your soap. Sometimes if the melt and pour is too hot it burns color blocks keeping them from melting fully. You can also try shaving the color blocks into your unmelted soap base and heating it all together for an even melt.

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Meghan Kelsey

In the goat milk base, this gave my soap a vibrant pastel pink color. I used 1/4 block per pound of base. I will purchase this color again!

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Fades very quickly

I ordered two of these becasue I make kids soap and I was really excited about doing some bright pink soaps. I made several batches trying to counter the fading. While the color stays better in a white soap base you need to use alot. It started fading before the soap was even set on my clear bar. Within 2 weeks the bar look like it hadn't been colored at all and it started out a BRIGHT neon pink. No worries though, I'm going to try out some LabColors this time :)

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hello Jamie! I'm sorry to hear you weren't a fan of this product. We've found that it stays well in melt and pour soap. We used it in this 3D Psychedelic Double Pour Swirl tutorial. Also, the colors will be brighter in our Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base, as the White Melt and Pour Soap Base results in a more pastel color. I will be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot.