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Definitely wow!

This is more of a warm, sunset kind of orange than your bright orange. I've only used it in clear soap so far, so I'm not sure what it will be like in white melt and pour. But you definitely don't need much of it to colour clear soap. And if you add thin slivers, the colour melts nicely with the soap without leaving any speckles.

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Kinda red

I think tangerine wow could probably be renamed to pink grapefruit wow :P The block itself looks like a red, so I wasn't surprised when I added it to my white Shea butter melt and pour base and it turned the whole thing pink instead of orange. Easily fixed - I just added a tiny bit or yellow to it to make my creamsicle color I was looking for. Still, no complaints here. It is a quality product, just be prepared to add a little extra to get the color you're going for.

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Nice, but not as strong as the others I've used

I bought it to make a pinkish grapefruit color. I got the color I wanted, but it took a lot of the color block. (I was using Shea melt and pour). Even in clear M&P, it took a lot to get the depth of color I wanted.


I got several of these color blocks for my m&p projects, and this tangerine is very nice, and is the perfect clearish-orange, which I wanted. If you want a solid orange, though, I wouldn't recommend this. I love this color!