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Pretty pack.

Love these colors works so well and a little goes a long way.

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Easy to use, color is true to photos

These are my least favorite ways to color MP (I prefer powders), but my husband absolutely loves working with them. They're super easy to use

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Colors From Heaven

In the past I have made my colors from dyes. These melts make things much easier. With this set and others you can make any color you could ever need or want.

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I'm in full production this weekend. Wish I had more. Super product!

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Not exactly as expected

First off let me say the colors are beautiful in this sampler! Having never purchased Color Blocks before I guess I expected for them to be a harder, more concentrated block - they're not, they have a consistency much like a milk chocolate bar (but grainier, not waxy) and you can shave pieces off them easily with the Clean-up Tool from BB. They incorporate very well and quickly into clear m&p base and the colors are deep and rich. That being said, it took approximately 1/2 sample block to adequately color about 3/4 lb. of soap. I thought they would go a little further. I'll probably just use the mica powders as a more cost effective means of coloring my soaps. I gave this 5 stars because it's excellent at doing what it's made for - quickly and easily coloring soaps without a mixing mess - but I'm not sure it's a product I would order again.