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I'm in full production this weekend. Wish I had more. Super product!

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Not exactly as expected

First off let me say the colors are beautiful in this sampler! Having never purchased Color Blocks before I guess I expected for them to be a harder, more concentrated block - they're not, they have a consistency much like a milk chocolate bar (but grainier, not waxy) and you can shave pieces off them easily with the Clean-up Tool from BB. They incorporate very well and quickly into clear m&p base and the colors are deep and rich. That being said, it took approximately 1/2 sample block to adequately color about 3/4 lb. of soap. I thought they would go a little further. I'll probably just use the mica powders as a more cost effective means of coloring my soaps. I gave this 5 stars because it's excellent at doing what it's made for - quickly and easily coloring soaps without a mixing mess - but I'm not sure it's a product I would order again.