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Really Pretty

The pearly shimmer effects in these are really beautiful. Again, they seem to show up best in Clear M&P. I had a hard time with white. Lovely colors though

Great but overall very themed...

I will start saying my favorite color is purple. I also had previously bought the red blue color block. That being said the other colors were new to me. I used the red, fired up fuchsia, and amethyst in a layered floral/sweet soap. I used only white base so the colors I got were pastels and won't be the same in clear base. I wanted to make a red raspberry color but just red I thought wasn't quite right. Adding the fired up fuchsia made it almost hot pink so maybe I added too much. Overall the colors are nice if you use them all the time but otherwise I would only stick to a certain theme since I don't use some of those colors much. I really want to try that merlot color next since I loved the merlot mica!