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Angela Price
Diy nail polish

Could this be used in diy polish.?

Verified Purchase
All I can say is W-O-W

I bought this on a whim since I am new to soaping. Before buying anything I do extensive reading of all the reviews so I went for this and bought 3 blocks. I just used a little of one on a M & P tinted blue I'd made yesterday for my granddaughter which had turned out a bit dull. I melted it again and put this in it and now it sparkles just like her gorgeous blue eyes!

I only use a little and love I don't have to buy too much

I'm not sure where I bought this at but its exact same-since I use only a little at a time and this does 10#s with my 6pounds - 10th gram scale I'm able to cut this down to pieces small enough for 2oz of m&p at a time. It may take a little work when I get it but knowing that any piece I grab will do 2 oz really helps me out in the long run. I'm small now but I want to try & run with not "big dogs" but bigger ones than I am now ! And cutting down to 2oz pieces of coloring I think helps and saves $ for me. Oh and the colors are great

Worked great with my M&P but I have a ??

I sampled some of your M&P color blocks from a friend and they worked great! My question is whether or not this item could be a multi tasker. I have recently been making home made lotions and I was wondering if this product would work well to color them?

Verified Purchase
Love these but have a question

I've tried a few brambleberry color blocks, and i am in love. I just want to know if these blocks will work in bases that are not from brambleberry? In particular, i really love Cocoa butter melt and pour bases but brambleberry doesn't sell this :( can I use these color blocks with a base that is not sold from brambleberry?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Andrea! I'm so glad you're in love with our color blocks! We love them too! We haven't tested this, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use these color blocks with other bases. Though, please keep in mind our color blocks work best in a clear base versus a white one. I will email you personally to get the specifics!