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Verry disapointed

I have purchased several items from brambleberry thus far I am very disappointed that the copper turned terracotta Brown in my cold processed soap.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Felecia! I'm sorry you were disappointed in your results with this mica. We love the Copper Sparkle Mica, though it does go to more of a brown color in cold process soap as seen in the sample picture above. While some micas work great in cold process, others will morph color or disappear completely when mixed into the batter. You can still make use of them in your cold process soap! You can dust the tops of the cold process soap with mica to create a pretty shimmer, stamp your soap with mica or do a fun pencil line. See some of these techniques in Luck of the Irish Hot Process Tutorial and How to Stamp Soap on Soap Queen TV. You can even see Copper Sparkle Mica itself used to create mica lines in our Spiced Copper Cold Process Soap Tutorial!

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Copper mica turned brown in CP soap

I made the recipe for Pumpkin Swirl soap using goat milk instead of water to disolve my lye. While the copper sparkle mica resulted in a beautiful pumpkin orange at first, the color turned to dark brown as the soap bars cured. I retried the recipe. This time I used water to dissolve the lye for the orange portion of the soap and milk in the white part. Same result :( Dark brown instead of pumpkin orange. Has anybody else had this same experience? I was very dissappointed.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Brenda! I'm sorry you were disappointed in the results with this mica. We love the Copper Sparkle Mica, though it does turn a darker brown than the actual mica powder in cold process soap, as seen in the sample picture in cold process above. Using milk in soap can also affect the colors. If the milk gets too hot and scorches, it can discolor the bars, as seen in the Goat Milk Soap video. It also sounds like some fragrance oil discoloration may be going on from what you described. To find out more about that, check out our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown" blog post. Customer service has emailed you directly to help troubleshoot!

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Very special

This is a very special mica in CP soap. It retains its sparkle and goes with so many other colors. Great with earthy colors to add a little shine. Looks like natural rock.

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Gorgeous Copper in CP

This is an absolutely beautiful copper color. I've used so many different copper micas from a variety of suppliers and so far they have been very brown. I just ordered another pound of yours because it is perfect. I use this in cold process soap.

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Poor packaging

Hello, First I want to say that I love Brambleberry! If not for Brambleberry, I probably would not be the soap addict that I am (that's a good thing). But... When I received my activated charcoal order, there was charcoal over everything in my order, including the clothes I had on when I opened the package. I said, "mistakes happen" and didn't say anything. But... I just received my order for copper sparkle mica and the same thing happened. Sparkle mica is everywhere, except on my clothes (I do learn from some mistakes). Like I said, I love Brambleberry and really do want to continue ordering the majority of my supplies from you but I need to suggest you work on improving your packaging for mica's and activated charcoal. Thanks for listening - Nancy Alexander

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Nancy! I'm sorry your Copper Sparkle Mica arrived to you spilling out of the jar. We really appreciate your packaging feedback! I will email you directly to resolve this issue.